*** Hussar Project X MTL - RAW *** ✨

Newest addition to Hussar Vapes Family "Hussar MTL X" is our first true MTL dedicated atomizer. With a redesign of all the parts from Original X, MTL is totally new experience while maintaining backwards compatibility with most of the X parts. Although (apart from Pin and both isolators) every single part has went through reshaping, you can still take advantage of all the accessories bought for X.

- Made from 316L, Gold Plated Brass, PEI1000
- SS Finish: Raw or Polished
- Gold plated Positive post and Pin for best conductivity
- New Top Fill Feature *
- Interchangeable Airflow Guide System to be able to easily change the experience after you built a coil
- Rounded Inside Chamber for Best MTL experience
- Juice Flow Control
- Custom Made Flat Screws to optimize building space
- 510 Integrated Drip Tip **
- Anti Spinning Lock Mechanism
- 2ml Capacity
- New 510 Pin - Hybrid Safe

Package Includes: 
- 1x Hussar MTL X
- 1x Round Isolator
- 1x Positive Post Isolator
- 1x Positive Gold Plated Post
- 1x Gold Plated Pin
- 1x Satin Finish Deck
- 2x Airflow Guides 2x 1mm hole (Equal to single 1.4mm diameter hole)
- 2x Custom Made Flat Screws
- 1x Chimney with Integrated Anti Spin Mechanism
- 1x PEI1000 Tube Polished
- 1x Till Cap ***
- 1x Top Piece
- 1x PEI1000 Polished Goblet Integrated Drip Tip By Hussar Vapes Originals

Orings Used:
- Deck - 3x1 NBR70 Oring (Under the Positive Post Isolator), 19x1 NBR70 Outside of the Deck
- Chimney 17x1 NBR70, 6x1 NBR70
- Till Cap 10x1, 16x1, 19x1 NBR70 Orings
- Top Piece !Optional! 6x1 NBR70 Oring

1x Bag Of Spares: 
- 2x 2x3mm Philip Head Screws

- 2x 18x1 Orings NBR70
- 1x 7x1 Oring NBR70
- 2x 17x1 Orings NBR70
- 1x 3x1 Oring NBR70

- 17x1 VITON Bronze O rings
- 18x1 VITON Bronze O rings
- 19x1 VITON Bronze O rings

1x Custom Wood Stand Packaging 

Price Point:
- Hussar MTL X Raw 160 EUR
- Hussar MTL X Polished 180 EUR

* Top Fill is backwards compatible with Hussar Project X
** In the set you will find an integrated/screw-on Goblet Drip Tip. Changing the top piece to any made for X (Japan Cap, X Top Piece, Inverted Torpedo, Torpedo) will allow you to use your own 510 Drip Tip. Integrated Drip Tip has been made to make refilling as easy as unscrewing only 1 part rather then both Drip Tip and Top Piece.
*** Till cap is an integration between Fill Cap (Known from Hussar X, Hussar RTA, Hussar THE END, Hussar THE END X) and Bottom part of the top cap for those products. This part allows for Top Filling of Hussar MTL while maintaining backwards compatibility with listed products.